Science Kits

If your child’s school does not provide comprehensive science courses, you can supplement learning with our science kits. We use the Virginia Standards of Learning to create boxes of books and resources to help your child learn the major concepts in science. Our boxes include high interest book and engaging hands-on activities to help your child actively learn and enjoy the content. Each box includes a workbook with the standards and short activities to process learning.

Our kits include:

U.S. Measurement – review the units of measurement in the U.S. Customary System. $399.00

Science, Grades 1 through 9. Please send us an email with your child’s grade level to order. $499.00

Most families posted abroad will qualify for reimbursement. Always check with your FMO to make sure before purchasing. If you need a list of the Standards, please let us know. You can work with your teacher to compare learning at school with what is taught in Virginia Schools and supplement any gaps with our Science kits.

To order, please email us at