Gifted and Talented Packs

Personalized gifted and talented packs include books and games for each grade level. Subjects include Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. We will send you a list of books and games based on the Virginia Standards of Learning for your child’s grade level. These books and games will allow your child to delve deeper into the subject matter and expand knowledge of the major concepts. For instance, children in fourth grade science explore the solar system. So, we might provide a telescope, a solar system model kit, and books about exploring the night skies within the packet. We will include additional fiction and non-fiction books as well as games that explore the standards-based major concepts. The books and games will be mailed directly to you and we will provide an inquiry-based activity packet that allows children to process their learning through writing and analysis.

Other Sample Gifted and Talented Packs include:

  • Military History with a concentration on strategy and game theory
  • Reading the Night Sky: Mythology and Astronomy
  • Hand Made and Hand Created: Building and Construction
  • Harry Potter and Science in Action
  • The Solar System
  • Everyday Math, Theory and Application

Reimbursable if you qualify for the Gifted and Talented Allowance. If you would like more information about how to qualify for this allowance, please let us know.

Send us a message at to request your personalized pack. Please let us know the subject and grade level that you are interested in purchasing.

Cost: $399 – $499 each.