Other Books for Foreign Service/Expat Kids

Raising Kids in the Foreign Service

Raising Kids in the Foreign Service, a new book published by AAFSW, covers a wide variety of topics important to parents living abroad. Experienced expat writers share stories, experiences, and research about pregnancy, education, travel, language, unaccompanied tours, safety, maintaining mindfulness and much more. Learn about everything from homeschooling to helping struggling kids to cleaning up that clutter while living in another country.

This book is perfect for families new to the Foreign Service and looking for a sense of what life is like abroad. Families currently in the thick of expat life will recognize their own situation and find ideas and information. It is also a fun look back for those who have already successfully raised their own third culture kids. Join our conversation and read our essays about navigating this challenging, exciting, and rewarding family lifestyle.

Lizzie, The Diplomatic Dog in Tbilisi, Georgia

Lizzie explores Tbilisi while living there with a Foreign Service Officer. After befriending a stray dog she learns about a pack of dogs in the hills, explores the markets, and saves the day for the embassy!