American History in a Box Level D

Level D

American History in a Box Level II

Children in 3rd and 4th grade will enjoy this box. This box covers general U.S. history with a variety of fiction and non-fiction. It is a good link between Level C and Level E as your child continues to expand and enhance their learning of American History. We selected high interest books with a variety of themes that provide a general understanding of our history.

You will find games and activities around exploration, the American Revolution, Expansion and Reform, the Civil War and Reconstruction, Reshaping the Nation, Turmoil and Change, World War II, and the post WWII period.

Price: $399 plus shipping costs.
To order multiple boxes, or to pay by check, please contact us to request an invoice.

Some expats qualify for reimbursement for history kits for their children. Please let us know if you think you might qualify and we will provide you with the necessary paperwork and contacts.

Some books and games may be substituted depending on availability. Unfortunately, some books go out of print or are temporarily unavailable. Due to our small size, we don’t keep a large inventory. We will make sure your substitutions are fun to read, historically relevant, and age appropriate!

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