American History in a Box Level 5

American History in a Box Level IVThis set is for children in grades 6, 7, and 8, although advanced fifth graders will also enjoy it. The box includes an encyclopedia, historical fiction books, non-fiction books, an activity book, and art supplies. In addition, there are four games including two board games, a puzzle on the presidents, an a workbook on maps.

This course looks at major events and time periods from Exploration to Modern Times but explores them in more depth with advanced books and activities. The activity book includes maps, charts, book reviews, illustrations, journaling, analysis, word searches, writing prompts, and comparing and contrasting activities.

We also ask students to write book reports and do a final project with short answer questions and a timeline activity.   For parents, we include a page titled “What your child should know” at the beginning of each section and another titled “Questions to ask your child” at the end of each section. Use these to generate family discussion and debate.

new_iconFor a blended learning experience we will give you a password to our webpage that lists a curated collection of free online videos from sites such as Crash Course and Khan Academy that accompany each section of the box. Your child can watch the short video as an introduction to the time period and then read the book and complete the activity. For those that prefer learning through literature, this is an optional addition to the books in the boxes.


Price: $449 plus shipping costs.


Some expats qualify for reimbursement for history kits for their children. Please let us know if you think you might qualify and we will provide you with the necessary paperwork and contacts.

Some books and games may be substituted depending on availability. Unfortunately, some books go out of print or are temporarily unavailable. Due to our small size, we don’t keep a large inventory. We will make sure your substitutions are fun to read, historically relevant, and age appropriate!