Elementary Education Consulting

Personalized Plan – Contact us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com.

Enhance your child’s education with our personalized learning plans. Make sure your child’s education is comprehensive and embraces his or her interests. Support your child if they are gifted, an ex-patriot, need additional help, or have any unique challenges. We do the research to find books and activities to challenge and best support your child’s unique educational needs. We provide you with a comprehensive list to help enhance your child’s education.

To create your plan, we ask you to complete an interest survey and goal chart for us. We use that information to create a personalized list of materials and books linked to the common core, a project and activities list complementing the reading list, a completion checklist and a certificate of achievement.

Options for enhancement include:

School Year Enhanced: A comprehensive plan to enhance your child’s school year with books and activities that address interests and enhancement needs. We include relevant books, activities to complement classroom learning, and projects that expand on common core topics.

Gifted and Talented Enhanced – Complement your child’s studies with reading lists, activity suggestions, and project ideas that cater to his or her interests and strengths. Using surveys, your consultant creates a multi-dimensional list that expands reading, writing, and project opportunities for the gifted child.

Vacation Enhanced – We provide a learning plan for specific vacations to incorporate experiences and opportunities that complement the school curriculum. Using your unique vacation plans, our lists draw on the interests of the child, the classroom curriculum, and different styles of learning to enhance the child’s vacation experience.

Summer Break Enhanced – We help your child bridge the grades with a plan for maintaining past learning and preparing for the next level with books, activities, and projects for the summer. Summer is a unique time to explore interests and learn with primary resources. Our list helps build excitement and interest in summer learning.

Expat Enhanced – We examine your international school curriculum and compare with the common core standards. We create a supplementary learning plan for students abroad to ensure they have no gaps in their education and will be able to easily slide back into an American educational system. Utilizing the Common Core Curriculum and general syllabi for your child’s grade level, our reading and activity lists provide additional materials for the ex-pat child planning to return to the U.S.

Write to afterschoolplans@gmail.com for prices and more information.


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