Education Plans

Purchase a standardized home supplemental plan for your elementary student.


After School Education Plan

Purchase a school year supplementary plan for your child here. These plans include book lists and activity ideas for you to do with your child throughout the year. Pick from suggested books and activities designed using the Common Core, a list of standards that every child should meet in a specific grade level.  Support your child’s learning at home with content and activities that directly complement their at school learning.

The school year 25 – 30 page supplementary plan includes:

1. Introductory Letter

2. Objectives and Goals outline with three over-arching projects

3. Questions for Kids List

4. Short list of best games and toys for the grade level

5. The official Common Core Standards from

6. A suggested book list for each grade level standard

7. A list of  activity ideas to complement the book lists and the standards

Purchase here for $19.95 each

Kindergarten Plan                   For a sample, click HERE.                                      

First Grade Plan                      For a sample, click HERE.                                         

Second Grade Plan               For a sample, click HERE.                                          

Third Grade Plan                   For a sample, click HERE.                                           

Fourth Grade Plan                                                                                                          Available soon

Fifth Grade Plan                                                                                                               Available soon

American History for Elementary School Ex-Pats *                                            

*The American History plan includes a list of people and time periods to know. Each category includes a list of suggested books and activities. For the American History in a Box kit, please see the webpage by clicking on the link above. The box includes this learning plan, books, games, and an activity book.


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