Expansion Packs

Leahs_LogoEnhance your American-History-in-a-Box with an expansion pack that looks at history through themes or topics that particularly interest your child. Each pack includes 4 – 7 directly mailed books and an emailed activity packet. You can choose one of the packs below or write to us for a personalized pack. Packs follow the Standards of Learning and look at the major concepts through specific topics. Expansion packs are $99 – $169 each, prices vary for personalized packs. For an invoice, please email us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com or click here: EXPANSION PACK

Holiday Expansion Pack

Learn more about our federal holidays (excluding Christmas and the New Year) and about the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner. This packet is perfect for kids who don’t live in the U.S. and aren’t that familiar with U.S. holidays. This is a larger pack with 12 directly mailed books and an emailed activity packet that includes interactive ideas for celebrating the holiday. Add $169 to your History box or purchase individually.

Science Expansion Pack

Learn about some of the premier scientists in our history and find out how they were impacted by our history or about how they contributed to or changed the American experience. Our standard pack includes Native American tribes, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Dian Fossey, and Sally Ride among others. At the end, write out your own experiment using the scientific method. Add $99 to your history box or purchase individually.

African-American History Expansion Pack

One could look at our entire history through the lens of African Americans. This pack looks at some of the most significant contributors to our history including Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Langston Hughes, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Add $169 to your history box or purchase individually.

Women in History Expansion Pack

We often find that women are under represented in traditional U.S. History courses. Learn about Eleanor Roosevelt, Sally Ride, Abigail Adams, and Harriet Tubman, among others. We can see the contributions of women and their impact on our history through this pack. Add $169 to your history box or purchase individually.

Native American Expansion Pack

IMG_9823Personalize your pack by looking at tribes in your state or region. We find books and create activities that help children better understand the native peoples from the places they call home. Look at how location, geography, resources, and history shaped the stories of these tribes. Add $99 to your history box or purchase individually.

Also available upon request: Civics, Sports, Art, Geography, and Music expansion packs. We also have an American Culture expansion pack that includes the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem and holidays.

Mexico and the United States

IMG_9367Perfect for expats living in Mexico from the U.S. or vice versa, this pack includes books and activities about native people, the Mexican American war, famous artists (Romare Bearden and Diego Rivera) and immigration. The books are sent directly and the activity packet will be emailed. Purchase for $169 or add to your history box order.

Email afterschoolplans@gmail.com for more information or an invoice.

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