Fun Videos to Supplement History Learning

As we approach fall break (we are in the Southern Hemisphere) I am preparing our “American History Learning Surge!” While my kids have already completed the American History boxes for their grade level, we will revisit the games and books and do some activities to reinforce the learning. I plan to start each section with a quick video (see the list below), sing the National Anthem, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, we will review books and activities in the workbooks. Finally, we will finish with games to help learn States, Presidents, and symbols. Each event reviewed will be put on an illustrated card for our timeline. Stay tuned for pictures!

American History in a Box, Level I Short videos available online

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People in History  
George Washington,

Betsy Ross

Eleanor Roosevelt

George Washington Carver

Martin Luther King Jr.

Citizenship and Symbols  
US Symbols
The Pledge of Allegiance
Veterans Day
Memorial Day
Maps and Globes

Cardinal Directions


Do you have a U.S. Atlas in your home?

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.38.21 AM Do you have an American atlas at home for yourself and for your kids? Most people do, and love looking through the book to learn about different places and what makes them tick.

Our current favorite is this atlas by National Geographic. We run to it anytime we hear of a new country, or have a question about anyplace in the world.

Some fun activities at home to do with an atlas include:

1.) You can complete an atlas scavenger hunt. Try these fun printable scavenger hunts.

2.) Have children plan your ultimate road trip. They can list locations, distances, and areas to visit.

3.) If you could move anywhere, where would you choose? Have your kids pick a new location and then write a letter to you about why you should move, using lots of specific details to bolster their argument, of course.

4.) Where do you NOT want to live? Try to find the worst possible place to live in the atlas and then share your picks and vote on which one would be the worst ever!

You can find more ideas for learning about your atlas here.