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American History Videos to Complement your American-History-in-a-Box!

Our American History boxes include books, games, puzzles, and activities to learn the major concepts in our history. We recommend starting each topic with a quick video to learn background information before reading the books included in the box. We love the videos found on http://www.havefunwithhistory.com/HistorySubjects/index.html because they are short, engaging, and full of great information.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.26.10 AM

Another great option is to listen to the free Khan Academy lectures on each time period. You can find them here: https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/us-history/history-survey/us-history-survey/v/us-history-overview-1-jamestown-to-the-civil-war

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Including a variety of resources when learning history helps kids to internalize the major concepts and ideas in our history. We recommend watching a short video for each topic, then read the books in your box, and finally complete the activities in the workbook. We encourage families to talk about the topics and to try to:

  1. Put the concept in the context of the time period. What else was happening in the U.S. at that time?
  2. Put the concept in the context of today. How do we look back on that person, event, or idea? How do we think about it now?
  3. Put the concept in the context of the country in which you are currently living (if possible). What was going on in your host country during this time period?

For additional materials or resources, write to us at http://www.afterschoolplans.com.


Families Love “American-History-in-a-Box!”

We are excited to share some of our more recent comments about our “American-History-in-a-Box” program. We are always so happy to hear from our customers! Thank you for sharing! If you want to read previous comments, click here.


I was worried that my kids didn’t know much about American history. Thanks to your boxes, they now have a good foundation for future classes! The books are fun and interesting and the activity book is really great.

Love the box! We are going to order another for our younger son!

Hey – we just got your box and it’s awesome! Just wanted to let you know that you have another fan!

Thanks again very much — we just received our reimbursement payment from FSC, and our kids are loving the program.

Studying all the awesome contents of the “American History in a Box” – what an excellent model for kids living outside of the US to learn about American History! Thank you Leah Moorefield Evans – now we have books and activities to keep us busy!

My daughter loves her box! She is working her way through it and sharing what she learns with me. Thanks so much for putting this together!

We got the boxes yesterday and my kids are already playing the games and reading the books. Thanks for helping us figure out the reimbursement process.

My kids love their boxes!


Thanks again to everyone who has supported our business. We are thrilled that the history boxes help bring the story of America to children living abroad. If you have any suggestions or ideas, or have any questions about the boxes, please email us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com. Happy holidays!

Should I order an American-History-in-a-Box set?

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.19.28 AMIs an American-History-in-a-Box set for me?

If you have children in grades K – 8 who do not currently learn American History in school, then this box is for you! Currently, in the U.S., children learn American History at every grade level and take high-stakes tests in the subject starting in Grade 3. Testing is cumulative, so if you plan to return to the U.S. it is a good idea to make sure your child is familiar with the major concepts required by your state. For more information, go to your state education site for a list of standards and the testing schedule.

Do I qualify for reimbursement?

If you are a State Department family currently living at post, you may qualify for reimbursement. International corporations also usually reimburse for these classes. Children abroad can receive additional funding for classes or materials that are usually provided in the U.S. as part of the regular curriculum but are not included at your current school. If you do not have grammar, computer, or U.S. History classes, for example, you can be reimbursed for materials or classes that cover that need.

The FMO at post decides if there is funding and if you qualify. Most people do qualify if they have supplemental funding available ($4,100 per child per year) however, if you have used it all up then you have to wait until next year. For more information, contact your FMO or the Office of Allowances at AllowancesO@state.gov. You can also read information about supplemental allowances here: http://www.state.gov/m/dghr/flo/c21944.htm.

When can I order a box?

You can order a box at any time. But, if you hope to be reimbursed, you need to order before the end of the school year. Contact us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com for the Reimbursement Approval Form. You can give that to your FMO to figure out if you qualify for supplemental funds.

Order your box here: https://afterschoolplans.com/american-history-in-a-box-for-expats/

Is there a way to assess if my children learn the material in the box?

Absolutely! After your child finishes the workbook, we will send an assessment to be completed. After you send it back to us, we will give you a mastery-learning sheet that suggests additional materials and resources for deeper learning.

How did you choose the books and games for the box?

We chose books that are fun, interesting, and compelling for each age group. Some books are more challenging and might require parental assistance. Some are very easy for the age group but include information that make them valuable or are so beautifully written or illustrated that we couldn’t resist them. We tried to make sure that the books were accessible for a variety of learners and a variety of interests. We also worked to make sure they specifically address American History standards and review the major concepts. Our main goal is to make sure kids read, learn, and enjoy the books.

What are the grade levels for each box?

We have grouped the grade levels so we have kits for Kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade, fourth and fifth grade, and a box specifically for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. If you child is a sports fanatic, we have a box that looks at American History from the point of view of sports. Each book covers a sporting event or sportsman through the lens of history.

What will they learn with American-History-in-a-Box?

In our boxes, children will learn the major concepts, read about some of the important people in our history, and review some of the most significant events. The boxes provide an overview and a scaffold for future learning.

Is the box the same as a U.S. History course in the U.S.?

No, the box does not cover all of the material that a child would learn during a full year in a U.S. history course. The box provides an overview and an introduction to the major events, people, and concepts.

How do I order a Box?

Simply go to www.afterschoolplans.com and click on the “American History in a Box.” If you would like to order more than one box at a time, email us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com and we will send you an invoice.

Do you have any other resources for Expat Kids?

Of course we do! We have an American History Coloring Book that is great for all ages. It covers the major concepts, people, and events in American History.

We also haveKids on the Move, A Relocation Workbook” for kids in transition. Your child will love the activities, coloring pages, and places for saving pictures and memories. The first section helps your child collect memories of your current home, the second section helps with processing the move, and the third section helps your child get excited about their new home.

Finally, if you are new to embassy life or just want to review all those acronyms, our Embassy Kids Coloring Book has over 40 pages that explain who works at an embassy, what you might find there, and what those offices actually do all day!

Questions? Email us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com.

American-History-in-a-Box, on sale now!

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 8.07.51 PM

September means school, schedules, and American History! Or, does it?If you are an expat family, are you sure your child is getting a regular dose of American History? If not, make sure you order an American-History-in-a-Box course for your child today. The boxes come with four to five games, twelve to fifteen books, an activity book based on the Virginia and Common Core Standards, and basic supplies. The canvas bag holds it all together when you aren’t using it.

While most kids might balk at more schoolwork at home, this course is designed to be fun and self-directed. The books are interesting and fun to read and the activities help kids learn the major concepts in a low-key way. Parents can read the books aloud, families can play the games, and everyone can enjoy American History at home.

If you have any questions, please email us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com. Or, click here for more information.

Summer History Reading


Some of our girls working on “American History in a Box.” They love learning about Rosa Parks!

American History in a Box

K-7th grade available now

Fully reimbursable for some USG families abroad

Get books and activities for summer learning now at:




History at Home


In elementary school, it is important to have a basic understanding of the framework of American History. Schools do a wonderful job of teaching the key content, including people, events, ideas, and time periods. You can support that learning at home by sharing experiences about history and putting those experiences in the context of a timeline.

Many children struggle with timelines. It is particularly difficult to deal with how big time is and how it relates to their personal experiences. Explain verbally and visually to best cement the concept.

Some ways to share history at home:

  1. Look for a local history society. They often have exhibits about local history and you can discuss how it fits into the larger themes your child studies in school.
  2. Find experienced historians. By this, I mean find people who have lots of life experience in terms of number of years lived. Find them and teach your child how to ask them specific questions about history. Remember, they can often tell wonderful stories from their parents generation as well.
  3. Visit museums. Search online for museums located near you are where you are traveling. As you walk through, try to connect the learning to what they are doing in school. Place exhibits in a larger timeline. Use “what happened at the same time,” “what happened before that,” and “what happened after that” questions.
  4. Connect to and research your own family history. Point out that your child has relatives who immigrated from Ireland during the potato famine. Discuss family members who worked in factories or moved North during the Great Migration. Do research to find out about your relatives. Create a family history outline and try to include major American events. Time makes a lot more sense when it is personal.
  5. Finally, read about history. Find fun historical fiction books and intriguing non-fiction to read and share together.

History is fun to explore as a family. Our “History in a Box” kits have lots of great suggestions for books and activities to introduce and enhance history instruction. Buy one, or create your own, and learn with your child.

American History in a Box 

Grades 4 – 5



4 Games, 13 Books (Fiction and Non-fiction)

 Activity Book

Does your elementary child have access to an American History class in school? If not, this self-directed box of books, games, and activities introduces your child to the main themes, time periods, and people in American History.

Learn about the United States from discovery to modern times. Use historical fiction, non-fiction, and games to engage your child and spark interest in U.S. History.

Based on the Common Core Standards


Cost: $325 plus shipping and handling

Teacher Consultant Add-On: $195

Purchase here 

Reimbursable for State Department families posted overseas.

Afterschoolplans@gmail.com for more information.