History Box Pictures and Samples

American-History-in-a-Box pictures

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Sample Activities from our activity books:

k1 sample activity  23 sample activity  45 sample activity

On the left is a sample activity from our K/1 workbook. The sample in the middle is from our 2/3 workbook and the sample on the right is from our 4/5 workbook.

67 sample activity  short answer sample Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.16.04 AM

The map sample on the left is from our 6/7 workbook. The page in the middle gives an example of our writing prompts for our 4/5 workbook. On the right you will find our information page for parents found at the beginning of each section. This one can be found in our K/1 book.

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Illustrations by Cathy Stevens Pratt, Illustration, Design and Art at catillustrates.com