American-History-in-a-Box, Level H

Do you have a child who struggles with reading? Do they learn better by doing and interacting? Does regular exposure to major concepts and facts help them retain information? Our game based history box might be the best option for your child. We provide the major concepts from the Standards-of-Learning for each topic. Your child plays the game to learn the information. Then, complete the activities in our printable workbook to show mastery of learning. Our workbook includes writing activities that ask your child to compare and contrast, apply, classify, analyze, and evaluate the resources and the information. This is a personalized box. We have a basic list of resources and we will ask you to work with us to meet your child where they are in terms of grade level, interests, and motivation. Price: $$595 – $795

Email us at to collaborate on your history box.

American History in a Santa Bag!

American History in a Santa Bag is back! If you are stuck at home, sick of online classes, and looking for educational books and games to keep your child and your family busy, this is for you!

How do I get my child an American-History-in-a-Santa-Bag?

*Order your grade level American-History-in-a-Box as normal.

*We will include a Santa bag for the months of November and December. If you prefer a holiday-neutral bag or another theme, send us an email at and do our best.

*We have boxes for children in grades K – 9. Each box includes history games and puzzles, fiction and non-fiction, and a printable Standards-based workbook that we will send by email. Click here to review our options. If you are not sure which box to choose, please email us at and we can send you a list of the resources included in the box you are considering.

*Each box is created and curated by certified U.S. teachers.

Reimbursable for many families at post. Send us an email at and we can send you our Reimbursement Request Form. If you hope to be reimbursed, please check with your FMO before purchasing.

For more information about our boxes, please click here:

Discussion Groups for Grades 4 – 8

NEW! Starting July 1, if you purchase a Level III, Level IV, or Level IV Advanced box, you can enroll in our optional 12-week Facebook or email discussion groups.

  • The discussion groups are led by a U.S. Certified teacher.
  • The course begins in mid-September.
  • Choose to participate on Facebook (and enjoy interacting with other participants) or through a weekly email.
  • Each Tuesday we will post/email an online video, key concepts to learn, and a discussion question for each section of your history box.
  • Answer the discussion question by posting in the comments section on Facebook or by replying to our email.
  • After purchase, we will send you a sign up form. Let us know if you prefer Facebook or the email option there!
  • Starting late? No worries, you have until December 1 to complete the course! Follow on Facebook by completing the numbered posts in order or reply to the numbered emails that we send to you.

Our topics include:

Geography, Colonialism, Revolution and a New Nation, Native Americans, Civil War and Reconstruction, Industrialization and World War I, Immigration, the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, World War II, Civil Rights, and the Cold War.

If you have any questions, please write to us at