American History in a Box – Product Description for Kindergarten and Grade 1

“American History in a Box” home courses provide students with a basic foundation for understanding the main concepts, people, and events in American history. The books, writing prompts, games, and activities are selected based upon the National Common Core Standards ( and the Virginia Standards of Learning ( The activity book promotes core learning by pulling together information gleaned from reading and research into fun and educational activities. Upon completion of the course, students are assessed based on Common Core expectations for their specific grade level. Our consultants will provide you with a  one-page assessment with mastery learning suggestions for future study.

We created the box with the intention that children will be able to read and complete most of the activities independently. The writing prompts are pulled from Common Core Standards recommendations and the activities support SOL Standards learning. The concept list at the end is for parents to use during discussions about the time periods in American History. Children still learning to read will need extra help with this program.

The box includes:

  • Sixteen books of non-fiction and historical fiction,
  • 4 – 5 American History puzzles and games
  • Basic supplies
  • Activity Book divided the following themes: People in History, Citizenship and Symbols of America, and Holidays
  • A final assessment and extended mastery-learning plan.

Click here to order American History in a Box, Grades K – 1                       $349 plus shipping

Includes four games, sixteen books, art supplies, and an activity book based on the Common Core Standards and Virginia Standards of Learning.


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