Relocation Workbook: Kids on the Move

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Kids on the Move – Relocation Workbook

Are you a kid who can call many places “home?” Have you lived in more than one place in your recent memory? Do you have a move coming up soon? How do you plan to remember your former home and get excited about your new home? Our “Relocation Workbook” can help you do all of that. Designed for elementary children. Pre-school children can use the book with the help of a parent for short writing activities.

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Our workbook includes:

All about Me: Write down your key information, your interests, and your family history. Interview family members and write down your favorite family relocation stories.

Our “Past” Home: This section provides space for writing down all your favorite details about the home you are leaving. Paste in pictures, draw illustrations, and record addresses and information.

The Big Move: How are you going to move? Where are you going? Where have you been? Write down all the details of your move and include pictures and illustrations.

Our “New” Home: Set goals for getting to know your new home, record first impressions, and get excited and enthusiastic for your move!

The book includes coloring pages, plenty of writing opportunities, and lots of places to process what is happening. This keepsake workbook will allow you to look back over your former home, the move, and your initial days in your new home. Paste lots of pictures or draw lots of illustrations to help you remember and celebrate your past and future homes. Keep track of addresses, friends, and favorite experiences. Process the move and use activity ideas to ease the transition.

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