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Afterschoolplans has items available for purchase here. For multiple items or an invoice, please email Discounts available for bulk purchases. History products are reimbursable for some expat families. For more information, fill out our contact form or send us an email. Satisfaction guaranteed on all products.

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Embassy Kids Coloring Book

Learn about who works in an embassy, what goes on there, and what some of those acronyms mean in this fun coloring book for kids or adults! This is a great introduction for life in an embassy for those who are new. It is also a great addition for “Take Your Child to Work Day.”

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Kids on the Move: Relocation Workbook

This workbook is chock full of activities to help remember your own home, have fun with the move, and embrace your new home. Part photo album, memory-keeper, and activity book, kids will be entertained for hours while processing their transition. Lots of great ideas for parents, and activities the whole family will find useful and fun.

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Patches, The Moving Bear

Every couple of years, Patches moves to a new home with his family. So far he has lived in Russia, Ecuador, Ukraine, and Paraguay. He loves learning about new places, meeting new friends, and traveling to exciting places. Yet, he also misses his old homes and friends. Luckily, Patches has a strategy for remembering his old homes. Read the book to find out what he does!

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American-History-in-a-Box by grade level

If you live abroad, chances are your children won’t be exposed to American History in school! These boxes, based on the Virginia Standards of Learning, cover the major concepts for each grade level. With 12 – 14 interesting books, 4 – 5 games or puzzles to use over and over again, and a standards based activity book connected to the books and games, your child will acquire a strong framework for understanding our nation’s history.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.32.49 PMDownloadable American History Workbooks by Grade

While many families working abroad might qualify for reimbursement for history boxes from their employers, some families looking for a cheaper alternative might be interested in these workbooks. They cover the major concepts required by the Virginia Standards of learning, have great book suggestions, and are full of fun activities to reinforce learning.

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American History Coloring Book 

Reinforce your child’s learning with this fun coloring book. The coloring pages are based on pictures and photographs from history and then transformed into coloring books for your child. The book includes information about symbols, people, places, events and some of the major concepts in American History.  Great for kids and for adults to refresh their American History knowledge! book bag $6.99

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Other Books for Foreign Service and Expat Kids:

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Raising Kids in the Foreign Service

Raising Kids in the Foreign Service, a new book published by AAFSW, covers a wide variety of topics important to parents living abroad. Experienced expat writers share stories, experiences, and research about pregnancy, education, travel, language, unaccompanied tours, safety, maintaining mindfulness and much more. Learn about everything from homeschooling to helping struggling kids to cleaning up that clutter while living in another country. This book is perfect for families new to the Foreign Service and looking for a sense of what life is like abroad. Families currently in the thick of expat life will recognize their own situation and find ideas and information. It is also a fun look back for those who have already successfully raised their own third culture kids. Join our conversation and read our essays about navigating this challenging, exciting, and rewarding family lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.34.57 AMLizzie, The Diplomatic Dog in Tbilisi, Georgia

Lizzie explores Tbilisi while living there with a Foreign Service Officer. After befriending a stray dog she learns about a pack of dogs in the hills, explores the markets, and saves the day for the embassy!

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