About Afterschoolplans


What is American History in a Box?

American History in a Box is a standards-based elementary course on major American History themes and concepts. Broken into age groups (K/1, 2/3, 4/5, and 6/7) the boxes include historical fiction, non-fiction, games, puzzles, supplies, and an activity book based on the Virginia Standards of Learning and the Common Core Standards. This overview provides a framework for future learning for children who are not in standard courses offered to students living in the U.S. The course is intended to be fun, easy, and student-directed as many students will complete the box while attending school or during summer. The box is reimbursable for some USG expats abroad. Email afterschoolplans@gmail.com for more information and a reimbursement approval request form for your FMO.

What is an After School Plan?

Language Arts and Math learning are not just for the school environment. How can a parent share a love of learning and support their child in reaching agreed upon standards as they progress through the school year? The first, and most obvious way, is to read. Reading at home with a child, encouraging independent reading, and modeling reading are proven ways of increasing student achievement. But, what should a parent read? How can they build upon that reading? How can they model good learning strategies. How can they show that reading and math are a part of daily life? How can they show that reading and math are fun? Our educational plans aim to do just that.

Purchase a supplemental education plan for a copy of the state standards for your child’s grade level, a list of books loosely aligned to those standards, and easy and fun activities to enhance learning. The standards, while highly controversial, do provide a framework for understanding what a child should know and be able to do while completing a specific grade level. Children are being taught concepts, ideas, and information within these standards. Most teachers, since most teachers are very good, have always taught to these standards and as a parent you can complement the in-school teaching by reading and discussing these concepts at home.

The books in our lists are all readily available. You should be able to find them in a bookstore or in a library. The activities are simple, do not require many supplies, and are deliberately fun and complementary. This is not a home-school program and the activities are not designed to teach the main concepts and skills that a child will need to be successful in school. They simply recognize what a child should know and allow the parent to show that learning and implementing learning are fun, easy, and exciting.

Purchase your grade level plan today or contact us for a personalized plan that addresses your child’s needs, challenges, or interests.

We  also provide tutoring, encouragement, and answer questions by email or skype.



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