American History in a Box Live

Add a tutoring package to your American History in a Box course!

Each course will include nine email check-ins and three Skype sessions with a certified American teacher over a three month period. Your teacher will review the activities with your child, answer any questions they might have, and encourage learning and excitement about the topics in the box.

Any history box plus a 3-month tutoring package: $875


To order multiple boxes and tutoring packages, please contact us to request an invoice.

Some expats qualify for reimbursement for history kits for their children. Please let us know if you think you might qualify and we will provide you with the necessary paperwork and contacts.


New for Teachers and Students!

$525.00 – American-History-in-a-Box at post (please confirm with your teacher at post before purchasing).


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American History in a Box @Post is now available for K-8 Foreign Service and Military students living overseas.  A Certified American Teacher will be teaching this fun and engaging course to K-8 kids, in-person, at your post. That way your child won’t miss out on key US History concepts while living overseas.

Teachers and Students: please contact us at for more information or an invoice.


American History in a Box @Post has been developed for K-8 Foreign Service and Military students living overseas. To start a program, please contact us and we will work with you to identify a teacher.

About American History in a Box @Post

Fun, hands-on program aligned to US Education Standards. Kids love this course! It starts with the delivery of a fun, hands-on American History in a Box packed with teacher-selected books, projects and materials. An EFM Teacher works with each child, in-person, at your post, to deliver 12 US Education Standards-Aligned, American History lessons (total of 18 hours of live, in-person instruction).

  • Each student receives a tailor-made learning plan including weekly assignments or reading.
  • Parents decide between 1:1 tutoring or a small group class with other children at post.
  • The teacher works with parents to identify convenient dates and the venue for the program.
  • The teacher meets with students on a weekly basis for 1.5 hours to introduce a new American History concept, assign a class assignment and review homework.
  • If the student misses a class they can still submit their assignments to the teacher via email for review. The course is completed with an end of course test.


“I highly recommend this program for American families living overseas.” Julie B.