After School History Courses

We are now offering personalized after school curriculum based on our American-History-Box program for international schools.

Our programs include 32 standards-based interactive U.S. History lessons for international after school programs.

Choose between a blended learning program incorporating a digital portfolio or a traditional literature-based program with a written and art-focused portfolio.


The curriculum takes a three-pronged approach to learning by focusing on major events and concepts in United States history while connecting those events to personal and family events as well as events in the host country. Utilizing timelines, primary documents, and family stories, students look beyond the dates and facts to personalize and internalize the stories, events, and personalities that make up our past as they connect to today and (47)

Our literature based program looks at history through stories, games, and interactive activities including art, music, theater, dance,. Activities include reflective and creative projects.

Our blended learning courses include online videos, primary sources, digital research, and creating online artifacts of learning to capture, keep, and reflect on learning during and after the program.

We offer combined group curriculum to include:

  • Kindergarten, first, and second grade
  • Third, fourth and fifth grade
  • Middle school
  • Civics

We personalize our programs to reflect the history, culture, and values of the host country. We compare, contrast, and connect events and personalities while working through the major concepts required by the standards of learning in order to prepare students for a future return to U.S. public schools.

Please contact us at and we will provide a course outline and program proposal for your review.

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