Expats usually have to think about Christmas shopping early because of expected delays in Santa delivery times. This year, you can give an fun, engaging, and educational present and maybe even get reimbursed for the cost!


Our American-History-Santa-Bags include games and puzzles so your child will have plenty to do on Christmas morning after all the presents are open. You can read your new books, luxuriate in your new pajamas, drink your hot chocolate and eat your candy canes, and watch the kids have a great time while learning about American History (without even realizing they are doing something good for them).

Of course, I realize this fantasy doesn’t really work if you are living in the tropics or in the Southern Hemisphere. But, we can switch it around a bit. Your kids can read the books, put together the puzzles, and play the games while you sit by the pool with your new sunshade and sip a fruity drink. Either way, your child will learn the major concepts in our history and you won’t have to do a thing.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 9.02.18 AM

Each box includes 4 – 5 games and puzzles, 12 – 14 fiction and non-fiction books, a standards-based activity book, and a Santa Bag (see above). Boxes are reimbursable for many state families. Send us a message at and we will send you the Reimbursement Request form to give to your FMO to make sure you qualify for full reimbursement before purchasing.


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