5 Years of AfterSchoolPlans.com!

A little over five years ago, I started this website and began fumbling my way through building a business based on education, history, and the mobile family. At the time, I had a new baby and three other small children. My life felt like it consisted of cooking boring food, training little people to use the bathroom, and answering a million questions every day. I also played with dolls and matchbox cars a lot.

I had my children later in life, so I had already had a career. I started off working in higher education, ultimately working as the Director of Hoyas Unlimited at Georgetown University (the athletic alumni association). From there, I earned a degree in elementary education and began teaching. My final job, teaching U.S. History to middle schoolers, was my favorite job ever.

When my husband joined the Foreign Service and we moved to Tbilisi, Georgia, I plunged into parenting and exploring our posts. There, I taught a U.S. History course to high school students in my dining room. We talked about the our history, our world, and connections between what we were learning and what my students had seen in their expat adventures. We ate brownies, read books, and had wonderful conversations. I realized how much I missed teaching. Then, my family moved to Ecuador where then to Ukraine. I loved being at home with my kids but I missed teaching and creating and thinking about the world outside.

I had continued to stay involved with students by writing learning plans, lists of books, games, and websites to challenge, inspire, and motivate them. I created a website to provide the plans on a wider basis and then also started to create U.S. History programs to provide a resource for expat students in international schools that didn’t provide American history courses.

Finally, I had found my place. I loved writing curriculum, reading books, finding resources, and pulling together packets of materials to inspire and motivate students. I loved trying out my lessons on my kids and getting feedback from friends. For the last five years I have continued to add to my offerings and to expand my website.

I also love working with other entrepreneurs, sharing ideas and brainstorming about best practices. I’ve met some amazing people and dear friends through my business. I have been able to stay at home with my children and do something I love. One day, I hope to return to teaching and I’ll be able to show that I was involved with my subject every day. I feel lucky to have a job I love and that I can do no matter where I live.

There have been challenges, for sure. I have been made aware of many glaring weaknesses in my approach and my efforts. I’m not a great businesswoman, my marketing and advertising is pretty basic, I spend my time creating instead of selling. But, I’m working on my weaknesses, celebrating my strengths, and growing every day.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your business. Thank you for reading.



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