Ten Questions for Kids on the Move

Moving with kids this summer? Heading to a new home, a new city, or even a new country? When faced with the chaos of a move, many times it is hard to remember to slow down, talk, share, and really listen. These questions can help you really figure out how your child is dealing with your move. It might be helpful for adults to answer these questions as well!

1.) WhScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.55.32 PMat five words describe how you feel about our move?

2.) Who will you miss the most and why? How would you like to keep in touch with this person?

3.) What was your favorite place to visit here and why?

4.) What would you like to do first at our new home?

5.) What can you teach others about how to deal with a move?

6.) What is the best/worst thing about moving to a new home?

7.) Of all the things that you are learning with this move, which will be most useful when you grow up?

8.) What do you think life will be like in our new home?

9.) What would you change about our move, if you could?

10.) What one thing can we do at our new home to make you feel most comfortable there?

What questions would you add?

Good luck with those transitions!


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