Travel and History

Are you going on a American family trip for spring break or over a holiday? Here are our tips for incorporating history lessons into your trip! Do you have any other suggestions? Add them to our comments!

  1. Find a couple of books for kids about your destination. No matter which region in the U.S. you plan to visit, there should be books about American Indians. For book suggestions and activity ideas, visit the National Museum of the American Indian here:
  2. Don’t forget to talk about how geography affected movement, habitat, clothing, and food resources. You can learn about our geography at National Geographic here: It is also fun to be able to talk about why the landscape looks the way it does while spending time in a car or airplane.
  3. Look up famous Americans that come from your destination. has some great biographies, you can find them here: Check out books on these individuals from the library and see if you can find a museum to visit or a house to tour. Every state has plenty of famous Americans to choose to learn about during your visit!
  4. Want to find some historical sites to visit? The History Place has a list of sites sorted by state. Look up the places you will visit and see if you can incorporate a little history exploration! Their website can be found here:
  5. For time spent in restaurants, cars, or airplanes, take along this American History coloring book, found on Amazon here: Full disclosure, this is our coloring book but we recommend it for an overall review of American History to give kids a sense of where individual people, places, and events fit into the larger picture.



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