How to keep your kids “unbored!”

My nine year old has outgrown her sisters for the time being. She doesn’t want to play with the dollhouse anymore, is annoyed with constant coloring and drawing, and has little interest in building with blocks. She says she is bored.

So, I bought her this book,

Unbored;The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun, by Elizabeth Joy Larson and Joshua Glenn

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.33.54 PM

Now, she’s not bored anymore! She loves to read the book, loves to make lists of activities, and loves to put the ideas into action. Thanks to this book we have explored geo caching, she has made me a home made facial, and she is currently hard at work creating a paper dragon. The ideas are varied, interesting, and usually pretty easy to do.

Psychology Today has a great article about the benefits of boredom here:

And, the New York Times discusses it here: 

Finally, USA Today shared the benefits of boredom in this article:

So, let your child be constructively bored. Provide a little help, a little direction, or maybe just push them out the door for a couple of hours of outdoor time on their own (weather and space permitting, of course). See what creative spark or new idea emerges from the experience. If your child already benefits from occasional boredom, that’s great! Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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