Presidential Biographies


Does your kid know all of the presidents? Ok, we don’t really either. But, here’s a great website for learning about some of your favorites!

Tips for Learning about the President:

  1. We suggest using puzzles, flashcards, and games to at least get familiar with all the names.
  2. Hang a poster up in the kitchen and talk about some of the most famous guys.
  3. Take a couple of months and try to talk about one president a day each night, with bonus points for anyone who brings specific facts and information to the table.
  4. If you live in the U.S., try to visit a Presidential home, birthplace, or library or two!
  5. Buy fun books of fiction about your favorite presidents.
  6. Make an American History timeline and put in each president and three major events that happened during his lifetime (if possible).
  7. Interview grandparents, neighbors, and friends about their favorite president. Try to find people who have lived long enough to have experienced many presidents. Create a chart showing who the most popular presidents were and then try to explain why.
  8. Create a “Jeopardy” game for the U.S. presidents. Write the questions and the answers.
  9. Pick one president for an in-depth research project and try to learn as much as you can.
  10. Learn about our current president. Research some of his contributions and then send him a letter!

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