Preparing for a Move with Kids

Relocating to a new home this spring or summer? Start preparing your kids now! Here are our top five tips for getting your kids ready to relocate.

  1. Create a timeline. Using butcher paper or taping several pieces of paper together, divide the paper into sections for each month surrounding your preparation for your move, your actual move, and your time settling in. Then, write what will happen in each month. Include purging, packing, farewell parties, the actual move, unpacking, exploring your neighborhood, writing to old friends, starting school, etc. Include all the big stuff but also include as many details as possible. Then, review on a regular basis.
  2. Have family meetings once a week. Go over your calendar and/or timeline. Ask everyone how they are doing. Share complaints and concerns. End with a discussion of what you are excited about!
  3. Make a to-do list for every kid. Even little kids can have items such as picking their favorite toys to put in their suitcase, sweeping up their room after the packers have left, and writing their name or symbol on each box of their toys and clothes.
  4. Research your new home. Gather as much information as possible and share it with your kids so they have a sense of where they are going. Use the internet, order videos, read books about your new home. If possible, share pictures of your new house, school, and neighborhood. Make a list of places you want to visit when you are there.
  5. Start planning how you will say good-bye. It is important to feel like there is closure. Plan a party to say farewell to friends, plan a farewell tour to stop by and take a picture of all of your favorite places.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 6.29.57 AMFor help with some of these activities, and many more, you can purchase our Relocation Workbook. This gives you one central location for storing photos and memories, planning for the move, and celebrating your new home. For more information, click here: RELOCATION WORKBOOK

This workbook is part scrapbook, part photo album, part planner, and part activity book. Kids will love the illustrations, activities, and ideas to help make for a smoother move. Younger children can complete the book with the help of parents and children who can write and read can complete the book on their own. Appropriate for ages 3 – 12. This is a great place to compile pictures and memories of your former home and to revisit during times of questions, concern, and homesickness.


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