Relocation Workbook for Kids on the Move – Start Now!

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Kids on the Move, A Relocation Workbook 

Are you planning to relocate to a new home over the summer? It is time to start your relocation workbook with your kids! You can purchase it on by clicking HERE. This memory book, photo album, and activity book is broken into three parts. Use the book to share the timeline of your move, to spark conversations about the process, and to help your pre-school or elementary child understand how and when the move will occur. Older children can complete the book alone, while younger children will need the help of a parent.

 photo (33)Our Old Home – In this first section, children collect memories, pictures, and drawings about the home they will be leaving. Write down addresses, list your favorites things, and record favorite memories. Start this section a few months before you plan to leave your old home. On the left, my daughter is drawing a picture of her old bedroom and describing it. On the other page, she marked where we lived and where we were going to live on the map. Then, she listed her favorite places in the world to visit.

The Move – this section helps you plan for packing and gives lots of ideas for activities such as organizing your things and decorating your boxes for the move. Use this section as a transition to help your child process the move.

photo (34)Your New Home – Some parts of this section can be completed prior to your move if you have a picture of your house or know where you will go to school. Otherwise, use this part to generate enthusiasm and encourage exploration in your new home. List your new friends, draw maps of your home and your neighborhood, search for new favorites and list them in the book. My second daughter is drawing a picture of our new home in this section. I tried to encourage her to paste a photograph but she insisted that a drawing would be better. All of the activities allow for photos or drawings depending on the preference of the child and upon the availability of photos.

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