Our Expat Education Offerings

http://www.afterschoolplans.com: What do we offer?

Afterschoolplans.com offers resources for expat families and for children in transition. Great for families in the military, Foreign Service, or for those simply moving within the same city. Many of our products are helpful for all families who want to find fun and educational activities to do at home as a family. You can find our Relocation Workbook, supplemental education plans, and American-History-in-a-Box program for expats!

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Kids on the Move, A Relocation Workbook

Relocating with Kids in pre-school or elementary school? This book is for you! Younger children will need help filling in the pages, but older children will love this journal, photo book, memory keeper, and pages of ideas for easing transition. Use this book as you prepare for your move, during the move, and afterwards as a memory book and photo album. Kids will love the activities, coloring pages, and fun suggestions for making the move easier. Parents can help pre-school children fill out the pages and use the book to talk about and give structure to the move. Children who read and write can complete the book alone.


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.04.21 AMAmerican-History-in-a-Box-for-Expats

Most international schools do not provide American History courses. This self-paced, at-home kit teaches the major concepts required for each grade level. Learn history through fun games, interesting fiction and non-fiction, and a comprehensive activity book. Assessment available upon completion of the activity book and students will be provided with a master learning recommendation sheet. Reimbursable for some State families.


Leahs_LogoEducation Plans  

Our plans include suggestions for books, games, and activities for each grade level based on the Common Core Standards. Make sure your child knows content, concepts, and skills required in most U.S. Public schools to ensure a smooth transition home. The plans are downloadable and offer suggestions for every standard in Language Arts and Mathematics. Activities are easy, fun, and require a minimum of materials. Learn what your child is expected to know by reading the standards, and use the activity and book suggestions to have fun while learning together.  www.afterschoolplans.com/education-plans/


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