American History Resources for Families


As an American History teacher, I love to share some of my favorite materials to share at home as a family. We love to visit historical sites when we are in the U.S., we try to watch movies about our country, and we love books about the people, events, and stories that tell us about our country and how it came to be.

Do you have any favorite books, movies, or games that you use with your family? We would love to hear about them! Drop us an email at or comment below. Thanks for reading!

General American History Texts

  • Children’s Encyclopedia of American History, David C. King
  • The American Story, 100 True Tales from American History, Jennifer Armstrong and Roger Roth
  • 50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet, Dennis Denenberg

American History Movies

  • America: The Story of Us. While meant for adults, this is a sweeping look at American History. Get the movie to go with the book for the full experience!
  • Liberty’s Kids. This cartoon style movie explores the American Revolution.
  • Duke Ellington…and More Stories to Celebrate Great Figure in American History. Find four stories about famous American people in this video.
  •  Schoolhouse Rock: America. These songs and stories have delighted children for generations.

American History Games and Toys

  • American Trivia Family Edition Board Game, ToysNGamesEtc.
  • U.S. History Puzzles, the BT Group
  • Presidents of the United States Card Game, ToysNGamesEtc.
  • American History Go Fish Game, Zoe’s Toys

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