What are the best homeschool products for elementary kids?

IMG_1071We are looking for great educational books, games, learning programs, and websites! We have a few favorites and a few recent recommendations but hope to build our list over the next few months. Do you homeschool or supplement your child’s education at home? We supplement in reading and writing and have started compiling a list of resources that we have used or want to use. There are so many great products out there, it is hard to figure out what is the best and what is a must-have! Do you have anything to add to our list?

  1. We love The Reading Lesson for teaching kids how to read. Based on phonics, the step by step program is easy to complete by doing two or three pages a night. Kids learn sounds and slowly build on prior learning. Plenty of practice drills, short stories, and activities to encourage learning. We have taught three of our kids to learn with this book and look forward to teaching our fourth.
  2. The Complete Writer allows children to learn through copying and producing content. We used this book for about a year and saw progress with our kids. It only takes a few minutes a day to complete a couple of the lessons and so it is easy to fit in around other programs.
  3. We just ordered Spell to Write and Read because we are worried about our spellers! It comes highly recommended from a homeschool mom who has used it with several of her children. We plan to use this as our primary teaching tool for the year as we make it the year of spelling and writing. We will work on writing by asking our kids to write at least one page a day. It can be a letter to a friend, a journal entry, a list, or a book review. We keep a rotating list of writing ideas pasted inside the cover of their writing book. Letters can then be corrected and typed into the computer to send as an email.
  4. We have also really enjoyed the Summer Bridge books. They look at all subjects and allow children to practice key content and skills as a way to keep skills fresh during the summer. We use it during the year to assess progress and identify areas that need additional work.
  5. The Singapore Math series is great for teaching math at home or for supplementing areas where a child might be struggling. This series comes highly recommended by homeschool parents. We intend to start it soon with our child who needs a little extra practice in math.

Do you have any programs, books, or websites that you recommend for home learning? We are interested in homeschool programs, practice materials, and anything that you think is just plain awesome!


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