American-History-in-a-Box Feedback

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I just wanted to let you know that the boxes arrived. You have done a fantastic job putting together the kits. I’ve previewed everything and am looking forward to reading the books and doing the activities with my kids. We started with “Citizenship” because I think it’s a great discussion topic at the beginning of a new school year. Thanks so much for all your help!

I second the recommendation. We are loving ours!

I got mine reimbursed for kindergarten last year. My reimbursement took roughly a week. The box is great!

 Great activities, wonderful books, and fun games for the whole family. Thanks for putting these boxes together! We love them!

We love our kits!

We got the kit for grades 4-5. It is awesome! A large collection of carefully-curated works of fiction and non-fiction plus puzzles and activities that really bring to life certain times in history. The materials are appealing to both boys and girls, very high quality, and just right for introducing history topics to kids who will be supplementing their school work on their own at home. Our reimbursement came quickly with no problems. We love it! Thanks Leah for creating such wonderful resource!

 I’ve seen these kits and I have to admit, I wanted to play the games! Geek! 

 FYI, I submitted the request for reimbursement form that Leah emailed me to our FMO and it was approved for reimbursement with absolutely no problem. My girls were super excited to receive their boxes!!

American-History-in-a-Box is a great new package for our third culture kids that my friend has collaborated on. I highly recommend it. 

CLO would be happy to spread the word.  We have one family here who is currently using your “American History in a box” and has raved about it.  We have even talked of getting a group together to do a “class” at our American center.  I know a few more families who will be interested.

 I had been very worried about American History for my kids. These boxes are exactly what we have been looking for. My kids love them. Thanks!



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