American-History-in-a-Box, Sports Edition!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.32.49 PM

We are so excited about our newest American-History-in-a-Box, Sports Edition! Do you have a child who loves sports, who reads about athletes, who follows a team in the news? Do you have a child who says they hate to read but will spend hours memorizing sport statistics? Do you have a child who scoffs at school but will run and jump all day every day? This box was written in response to parents who asked for something to inspire their sport-obsessed child!

Not to worry, our box still teaches a lot of American History, and we cover all the major concepts required by the Virginia Standards of Learning. We just do it through the lens of sports history. We start with a horse riding powerhouse of a girl during the American Revolution. We go through Babe Ruth and the Depression. We end with football during the Vietnam Era. Buy your box here:

Every kid can find something relatable in American History. Our history is full of athletes and sports teams. Of course, there are many other themes and we plan to introduce new boxes in the near future. What would your children be interested in? Art? Music? Technology?


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