American History Vocabulary List


Living abroad and learning American History on your own? Have a child who has studied world history and local history but is still learning American History? We’ve come up with a list of 25 (plus) history vocabulary words that we think every child should know. This is not a list of words only relevant to the American story, but helpful words for anyone reading about or studying the history of people. We did create the list with an eye to the unique American experience.

American History Vocabulary Words

  • abolitionist
  • amendment
  • assimilation
  • capitalist
  • commerce
  • constitution
  • confederation
  • culture
  • democracy
  • depression
  • discrimination
  • economic
  • emigrate
  • immigrate
  • industry
  • labor
  • legislate
  • migration
  • nationalism
  • political
  • prejudice
  • protest
  • rebellion
  • reform
  • republic
  • suffrage
  • treaty
  • union
  • veto
  • vote

Have we left anything out? Would you add any additional words or would you delete any of the words we have chosen?

Vocabulary Activities:

  1. Make flashcards and write the word on the front and the definition in your own words on the back.
  2. Try to write an essay about American History using as many of the words as you can.
  3. Write and perform a play using at least five of the words.
  4. Draw a mural that illustrates the meaning of at least ten of the words.
  5. Do a “Word of the Day” chart and discuss the meaning at dinner with your family.

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