5 Benefits of International Schools

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  1. Many international schools are small with manageable class sizes. Children make friends quickly because of their transient lifestyle. The school community will often be tight, helpful, and welcoming.
  2. Children meet friends from all around the world. International schools attract children from the expat community, so your child might sit next to four children from four different continents. 
  3. Students are often exposed to many different languages while also studying the language of the host country. The value of learning and understanding different languages is readily apparent and children can practice their skills in school and in their host country.
  4. Politics and news become more important as children see how policies affect lives directly. Children live and experience current events in their host country while remaining interested in those in their home country. They see how current events affect their friends around the world. 
  5. Children are exposed to different ways of learning and a wider variety of books, materials, and teachers. Their point of view and perspective are often wider and more nuanced than children without travel experience.

Children attend international schools for a wide variety of reasons. Many love their experience and thrive in the small communities. Do you have any reasons to add to our list?

For more information on international schools: 



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