George Washington


George Washington, the first president of the United States, is one of the first people that children learn about when studying American History. Learn more about this important historical figure by visiting his homes and monument or by exploring the accompanying websites.100_2916


George Washington’s birthplace is marked by an outline of the house foundation. The beautiful farm is quiet, extensive, and breathtakingly beautiful. An inaccurate historical replica looks very similar to Mt. Vernon and still offers a sense of life during this time period. The barns, gardens, and visitor center are extensive and educational for children and adults alike. More information can be found at


My children love to explore Mt. Vernon, Washington’s adult home and the site of an extensive farm (pictured above), archaeological digs, and restored buildings. Extremely busy at all times of the year, visitors get a wonderful sense of what life was like for Washington, his visitors, and the large network of slaves that kept the property running.  Located near Washington, DC, the children’s center is especially well worth the visit.  More information at

Finally, the Washington Monument in Washington, DC stands proudly in the center of the mall. Kick off your tour of Smithsonian museums and national monuments here.  


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