States License Plate Challenge

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Are you staying somewhere with a lot of foreign service families? We are at Oakwood, possibly the best parking lot in the U.S. to try to find a license plate from every state! A recent afternoon netted 33 plates, although most seemed to be from Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, or Utah. What does that say about who chooses this career (or who chooses to stay at this particular property?)

Spend a summer afternoon learning about States. Some of our suggestions:

  1. Read a book about your favorite state.
  2. Play the app “Stack the State” to learn fun facts.
  3. Complete a puzzle of the U.S.A.
  4. Look for a license plate from each state and color in the relevant state on a map when you find it.
  5. Talk about state license plates and what is on them. Why does Colorado have a beautiful mountain range? Why does Georgia have a peach?
  6. Learn the state bird and flower for each state.
  7. Research your own state to find out key facts, pictures, and information about issues facing the state.

Books about the States:

  • National Geographic Kids Atlas, National Geographic
  • Smart About the States, Jon Buller
  • The United States of America: A State by State Guide, Millie Miller
  • The United States Coloring Book, Winky Adam

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