Why Purchase American-History-in-a-Box for your child?


Our American History in a Box provides a framework for understanding U.S. History, a way to process major concepts and skills, and an opportunity to build or strengthen personal and cultural roots. Children learn through games, books, and activities that are fun, interesting, and educational.

Each box comes with historical fiction and non-fiction books selected on their quality and appeal. This stack of books address the major concept and ideas in our history and provide a framework for learning. The course is not a traditional class and will not require children to memorize dates or major battles. Instead, the course encourages children to become familiar with a few of the stories and ideas behind our history. It provides a scaffold for which to build future learning and understanding of history.

The course is built on the idea that the child can work somewhat independently in their learning. In our activity book, we ask them to Learn It, through the mentor text (the selected educational book), Do It, through writing or an activity, or to Show It, through coloring, drawing, or demonstration. The activity book allows children to apply their learning and practice skills required in other disciplines such as language arts. We encourage writing as much as possible for a number of reasons. Writing is an important form of self-expression, writing has been proven to be the best way to commit learning to memory, and writing allows children to process and understand major concepts.

The games selected are fun, interesting, and designed to be shared with siblings and parents. Doing a puzzle of the U.S. over and over will build familiarity with the boundaries and formation of our country. Trying to figure out the placement of pieces in the Presidents puzzle gives children a general idea of the order in which they served our country. Playing memory or go fish with educational concepts is a great way to play while learning.

The idea for the boxes came when our 8 year old asked us who Rosa Parks was. If you live abroad you might miss many of the cultural connections that come naturally when living in the country. If you don’t pause for MLK, Jr. day and the resulting conversation, you might miss learning about who he was. Living abroad exposes children to many additional cultural and historical connections, but we hope to not miss those in our own culture. This box specifically focuses on many of those cultural connections that we might take for granted. Leave the books and toys out, read them together, answer questions, talk about your connection with our history. Make American History a part of your home and your family discussions. This box can help you do that.

If you do live at home and your children do take regular courses in American History we still recommend having a box at home. Supplement their school, cultural, and  personal learning with books and games that enhance current learning and understanding. Children flourish when provided with roots, cultural, physical, and personal. Teach them about the history of our world, of our country, and of your family. Give them the roots they need to grow and flourish.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas about our program, please send us an email at afterschoolplans@gmail.com.


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