Passport to your National Parks



Our family just purchased our first “Passport to Your National Parks” to keep track of our travels and visits to national landmarks around the country. The small blue book provides basic information about each of the nation’s approximately 400 parks as well as a space to add a dated stamp. When you visit a park, you find the stamp and add it to your Passport to prove you were there. You can also add special stickers published by the park service.

Our national parks teach us about history, culture, geography, and biology. Research shows that people with a strong sense of place in their family and cultural histories are happier and face less problems with depression. National parks are a fun way to learn about our country and it doesn’t take much time to show how our families fit into the larger narrative.

We recently visited George Washington’s birthplace in Virginia and then we went to Mt. Vernon, his home as an adult. Our kids loved learning about life in the “old days” and we supplemented that learning by talking about our immigrant ancestors.

To get your own passport, visit


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