Summer Reading for Kids


We all have summer reading lists, but what about lists for reading books about summer? Here are a few of our suggestions:

  • A Summer Day, Douglas Florian
  • One Crazy Summer, Rita Williams-Garcia
  • The Relatives Came, Cynthia Rylant
  • A Summery Saturday Morning, Margaret Mahy
  • The Night Before Summer Vacation, Natasha Wing and Julie Durrell

After reading those books, here are a few activity ideas to do as a family!

  1. Read Williams-Garcia’s book and then search online to learn a little bit more about American History in the late sixties. If possible, visit an American History museum and learn a little about this time period.
  2. Read Rylant’s book and plan a trip to visit relatives, or invite relatives to visit you. First, make a detailed plan for food, drinks, sleeping arrangements, and costs. Calculate travel time, gas mileage, and activity costs. Work together as a family to do all of the math.
  3. Make a plan for your own Summer Saturday morning and then write a family story about it. If you can, take pictures to illustrate your story and turn it into a book.
  4. Read about summer vacation and then create a chart with two columns. On one side write down all of your goals for the vacation, on the other side write down everything you hope to avoid! (You can include snow, homework, or routines. Write down whatever comes to mind!
  5. Don’t forget to continue to read a little bit every day. Children usually fall behind academically during summer vacation. Reading for at least fifteen minutes every night before bed can help you keep up! 

Lastly, don’t forget about your local library! Visit early and often!!


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