FAQS for “American History in a Box”

Dear Parent,

Thank you for choosing American History in a Box to supplement your child’s education! We hope you will enjoy learning about some new books and new ideas to use at home.

The program is designed to last for two school years and cover the major events in American History. The activity book closely aligns with the books included in the box. The activities are designed to allow the child to work independently or with minimal help from an adult.

This is a multi-age kit, and younger children can work at a slower pace and the activity book can be adapted for their skill level. Please allow them to complete the questions and activities that they understand and sit and work with them on those that are more challenging.

If your child needs assistance or encouragement, we also offer a Teacher Consultant Add-On plan with one of our highly qualified teachers or professors. You will get three ½ hour tutoring sessions during the year, monthly email consultations, and an end-of-program assessment and follow-up.

For families living in areas where American History is not offered, this is a wonderful chance to provide materials and activities for your child. We hope that this box inspires your child to explore American History.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contract us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com.

We look forward to working with you!



FAQ’s for Parents

Is the content in the books and other materials appropriate for all ages? History is messy and often violent. Parental discretion must be used in selecting books and activities. Before purchasing or sharing books, please review them for age appropriateness. Please also take into account the sensitivity of the child with which you are sharing history.

What training do parents need to complete the activities? The activities are designed to be simple, easy, and require a minimal amount of materials. The parent can do the activity with the child or allow a motivated child to work independently.

Can I find additional materials not included in the box to share with my child? We include our American History Supplemental Plan in the History kit. This lists additional books, games, and activities to complete at home. In addition, there are so many wonderful books, websites, and resources for American history. This is only a starting point. Use these books to identify interests and then search for additional books and resources on that particular topic.  You can also purchase a personalized supplemental plan for more recommendations and ideas (see below).

Do I need to start at the top and read the books chronologically? While it can be helpful to follow a chronological pattern because children can build on prior knowledge and understand the progression of time in history, it is not necessary. If you are reading about the discovery of America but planning a trip to Massachussets, it would be well worth it to skip ahead and learn about the Pilgrims.

Does my child need to read every book in the box?No, your child does not need to read every book to complete the program. They can choose to read the selected pages from the Encyclopedia of American History by the Smithsonian instead of reading the selected book. In fact, some activities and time periods do not have an additional book. We hope that your child will read 4 – 6 of the books. Some motivated students will read them all and some less motivated students will need encouragement. If your child is very motivated and you would like to add the extension plan for an additional fee, please email us at afterschoolplans.com.

What if my child doesn’t want to read any of the books?You can motivate your child by reading the books aloud with them. You can also spark an interest in the topic by visiting a museum, watching a movie, or exploring history online. You can also purchase our “Teacher Consultant Add-On Package” and your enthusiastic consultant can help.

My child read about World War I and loved it. Can we explore this topic more fully before moving on to the next topic?

Of course, we highly recommend that. We also include a free copy of our “American History Supplemental Plan” with your box. This plan lists additional books and activities for each topic. You can also purchase a personalized plan and let us find books and activities directly related to your child’s interests.

Are all the websites and links up to date? While we try to ensure that all the links and web addresses are up to date, things can change day by day. If a link doesn’t work, please let us know. We will find another similar site for you.

I am interested in a personalized list of books and activities for my child. Is that possible? Yes, we have several experienced teachers who are able to create a personalized plan for your child. This is a great option for talented learners, special learners, children with specific interests, and reluctant learners. Please email us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com for more information about personalized plans.

Is there a test for children if they read the books and complete the activities? If children read and complete activities for each person and section, there is a basic written evaluation available. Please write to us at afterschoolplans@gmail.com and we will forward the evaluation to you. If you would like a verbal evaluation scored with a rubric, we can do that as well using Skype or email (depending on the age of the child). This evaluation would be for the sole purpose of determining if there are still holes in the knowledge gained to help guide future reading. We will evaluate learning and provide you with a one page sheet with suggestions for future books and activities to promote mastery learning and foster specific interests.



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