Who Afterschools?

Afterschooling: Educating children at home on weekends, holidays, and after a regular school day.

Who Afterschools?

  • Parents who believe the school curriculum is not comprehensive enough,
  • Parents who think their child will excel academically if they practice and review educational content in a home environment,
  • Parents who love learning and want to bond, share, and connect with their children in an academic way,
  • Parents with children who need a little extra support to excel in school,
  • Parents with interested, engaged, motivated, and intellectual children,
  • and parents interested in using regular interactions in a focused and beneficial way.

Afterschooling can be spontaneous and unplanned or focused, scheduled, and organized.

Parents can use a year long education plan such as those we offer on our education plans page. Or, they might purchase a personalized plan written by one of our educational consultants. They might create their own plan using the Common Core Standards, or use any variety of homeschooling resources available online and in bookstores.


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