The Common Core Standards and International Students

Why should international students study the U.S. Common Core Standards? While learning and studying in an international school has a myriad of benefits, students ultimately interested in studying high school or college courses in the U.S. would benefit from the Common Core Standards for five main reasons.

  1. Students studying in a language other than English can use the Standards to review English vocabulary for the major concepts and skills.
  2. Students studying abroad can read the standards and find gaps in their learning. They can fill these gaps through online classes or independent reading and review.
  3. Colleges and Universities in the U.S. assume that incoming students will be proficient in the standards and classes will be built upon that foundation of knowledge. International students who study the standards will have an understanding of what their college or university will expect of them.
  4. International students applying to schools in the U.S. can discuss the American public school education and compare and contrast it to their international experience in interviews. This is a wonderful place to highlight how the international experience creates a well-rounded student with curiosity and flexibility and unique experiences. Also, keep in mind that while the standards are understood to be the minimum of what a student would learn it is a place to point out the ways in which the specific international education surpasses those benchmarks. Knowledge of the U.S. standards provides a basis for discussion.
  5. Many international schools do not provide courses in American history. Students with this hole in their education can self-study using the standards or take online classes.

The standards provide a way for international students to understand educational expectations for students in the United States. A student can use these standards to ensure their foundation of learning is strong, comprehensive, and ready to expand.


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