Do Parents Understand the School Curriculum?

            Slate published an article about parents and schools titled “Parents Left Behind.” It is true that standards and expectations in the public school systems have changed frequently and dramatically. We hear about how this frustrates teachers and administrators, but it also frustrates parents who want to be tapped into the curriculum and school expectations. The hope is that the new national standards will streamline this process and make the curriculum easily available to everyone. Our after school plans and personalized educations plans give parents the standards for their child’s grade level and provides books and project ideas to complete at home. This allows a parent to stay dialed in and to understand what their child is learning at school. Take the plan with you for your parent-teacher conferences and cross-reference it with the actual curriculum being used by the teacher. Your child’s teacher will appreciate your interest and support. Education has been buffeted by strong winds, let’s hope the calm is on the horizon.


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