Vocabulary Games

There are so many wonderful vocabulary games out there. Here are a few that a parent can play with a child.

First, either use a vocabulary list from school or create your own list of challenging words.

1. Charades. Write the vocabulary words down on cards. Take turns drawing a card and acting out the word. Less challenging: explain the word without actually using the word!

2. Draw the word. Write the word using large letters and then illustrate the letters with pictures that apply to the word.

3. Matching. Put vocabulary words and definitions on separate cards. Spread them out on the table and match the pairs.

4. Memory. Use your vocabulary cards (above) and turn them over. Play memory!

5. Catch the Cat. This game is like the old hangman but without the grisly ending. Write spaces for each letter in a sentence using the word correctly. Give a clue to help solve the puzzle (about the meaning of the word.) Guess a letter. For every incorrect guess, draw a part of the cat.


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