Sight Word Practice

Have a child learning to read? Sight words make reading much easier and many reading programs require children to memorize lists of words. Teachers will suggest ways to help with this task, and many parents have lots of special tricks. Here are five tricks you can try!

1. Post the words for the week (or pick five if your school doesn’t have a list) in the kitchen. While you are preparing meals and talking to your child, run through the list. This can be done several times a day!

2. Create flashcards with the words and practice them in the car. Leave the cards next to your child’s seat. When stuck in traffic, kids will look for anything to entertain them, even schoolwork!

3. Buy bathtub crayons and write them on the side of your child’s shower or bath. Allow them to draw pictures or hints near the words. Quiz them during their bath or shower. When they learn a word they can scribble it out or erase it!

4. Play “Sight Word Sprint.” Pick a distance to run. The child runs to the end of the yard, runs back, reads a sight word, repeats. Time them for reading five words. Then, each week they need to beat their time! (Great for physically active children!)

5. Write a story using five sight words as often as you can. Try to make it as long as you can and make sure the rest of the words are as easy as possible. Then, have your child read it. Make it competitive by timing the reading and work on getting the best possible time.

Reading is the foundation for learning for all subjects. A large repertoire of sight words helps to make reading easier for the learner and can quickly help build confidence.


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