Vocabulary Practice

One of the best ways parents can support learning at home is to practice vocabulary words. Find a time when everyone is together and try to regularly add vocabulary enhancement to your routine. You can do this at breakfast, while preparing dinner, during your bedtime routine, or while in the car. Anyone can generate words, the key is to think them through.

To find words, you can use a vocabulary calendar, use lists generated by the school, or ask your child to write down any words that confuse them during the day. You can even reward your child for finding difficult words and bringing them to the table for discussion!

1. Discuss the definition. What does the word mean and what does it not mean! Discuss similar words and words that mean the opposite!

2. Try to use the word in as many sentences as you can. Then, try to use the word incorrectly and talk about why it is incorrect! Have fun with this and be as silly as you can!

3. Connect. Try to find ways that the word can be used. Discuss who might use the word on a daily basis. Discuss professions that use the word. Connect the world to places, people, and professions.

4. Analyze. Discuss the parts of the word. Discuss words that are similar and have similar and different meanings. Discuss prefixes and suffixes. Talk about how the word can help you in specific situations.

5. Do something else with the word. Draw it, act it out, sing it, chant it, write a poem with it!


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